• Kleverpark 2015

    These two photos i made by order for Fodis. Their office is situated in an old school building, the same building as mentioned in the description for the Nineto5 works. The seizes of these photos are 150x100.
  • Nineto5 / 2014

    This is the result of an office project i did for Haarlem Dakopbouw. Their office is situated in an old school building, where i found, around, 800 slides. From these 800 slides i made a selection of 10 slides. Each image contains two slides. The last one - the one with the cars- was not selected for their office collection. Selection of four. They are printed on vinyl, 300cm x 300cm.
  • New work is on the way

    LinoCuts 25-06-2014 Working on 10 different linocuts. Recently i finished 4 pictures for an office space in Haarlem. Each image is a combination of two dia's/slides. Pictures will be posted soon.
  • Images / 2013

    This series contains 8 paintings. The images are made on wood. Every square, rectangle and every strip, is a loose piece of wood. Each shape contains approximately ten layers of paint. After i was done painting, i put the different shapes together in the way they were supposed to be. I glued the images to a piece of wood that is smaller then the actual size of the image. The image size is 60x80 and the paint i used is lacquer. The wood is MDF.
  • Waarderpolder/ 2012

    Waarderpolder by night.

    The Waarderpolder is an industrial place/area in Haarlem. These photos are made in two sessions. Six photos made by me. The other six photos are made by Tom Strunk. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in one of the pictures. You will receive the picture (70cm x 50cm, high res) attached / glued to pvc. The images on the website are made smaller to prevent it from printing.

  • Tile Structures/ 2011

    This serie was also made in 2011. It contains 7 paintings. The sizes variate from 150cm x 150cm to 180 cm x 180 cm. The paint that is used is acrylic. It is painted on canvas. This album contains seven close-up photos from the paintings. This way you can see the different structures.
  • C1ty T1me N1ght T1me/ 2011

    In 2011 Tom Strunk and i made this serie. The full serie contains 32 x 2 photos. The photos are taken with a analog camera. We met on the 'Grote markt' in Haarlem at 00.55. Then at 01.00 we both took a direction and one hour later we returned at the same spot as we left. The presentation is clear. My first photo besides the first photo of Tom. Here a small selection. Haarlem at night seen through two pairs of eyes in one hour. Take a walk and look around.
  • Lamppost/ 2011

    A serie made in 2011. It contains five paintings. The size of these paintings is 260cm x 90cm or 90cm x 260cm. It is acrylic on canvas.
  • 25 Minutes/ 2009

    This serie is based on my everyday travel home. The images are things i have seen. It took 25 minutes for me to get home on my bicycle. It is acrylic on canvas and the sizes for the four paintings are all the same, 152cm x 156 cm. This serie is made in the last year on the academy. 2009.